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IT Support

Jewel City Computers is a computer service company offering IT support and services in the Los Angeles County area. The company offers 24/7 computer repair services and house calls to best service your computer needs with a fast and efficient turnaround time from your initial inquiry. Jewel City Computers prides itself as the best and most reliable and trustworthy solution to your computer needs in the area, there is no better alternative in the Los Angeles area.


Computer Repair
Computer repair services are offered that range from simple fixes to more complex issues. If you need your computer hard drive completely rebuilt, then this is the place for you. Any other issues regarding repair will be covered with a comprehensive review of your computer problems.


Computer Networking
Computer networking services are offered to all clients. If you are utilizing multiple devices that need to share information or resources, Jewel City Computers is the place for your needs. We are experts in wireless technology and lighting-fast gigabit networking.


Refurbished Computers
Refurbished computers are available for sale by Jewel City Computers. People can sell or trade in their old computers to Jewel City Computers, who will refurbish the product and offer it for sale to its customers. This can often save a lot of money for individuals or businesses depending on their needs.


Computer Training
Computer training is available to clients of Jewel City Computers. This can range from the simple to complex needs depending on the abilty of the user. If people want to learn basic computer programming skills, this is available as well as more complex tasks. IT support services for individuals and companies is offered through computer training programs.


Exchange Hosting
Microsoft exchange hosting is available to clients of Jewel City Computer in the Los Angeles area. Exchange hosting needs are different depending on the size and scope of the client needs, and Jewel City Computers can offer these services to people in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Included with exchange hosting would be IT support services as well.


Remote Data Backup
Remote data backup services are available to clients of all sizes. This allows data to be stored remotely through different servers available to clients offsite. Protect your data from theft, fire, floor, and other natural disasters by storing your information in the cloud. Jewel City Computers will help determine which data backup methods best fit your needs.


Computer Consulting
Computer consulting services are available from Jewel City Computers. The company will offers its services for high volume business clients, or for individual users to assess their needs.