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Exchange Hosting

If you have ever worked in a large business or corporation, then it's highly likely you worked on a Microsoft Exchange powered e-mail system, maintained and implemented by the corporate IT support department. Exchange is the email application usually running on specific servers and administrated by a large corporate IT department. In fact, an in-house exchange server can handle thousands of e-mail accounts and mail transmittals at any given moment. For many years this type of system was only available to the large corporate environment, as it wasn't a cost efficient option for a small business. But now, that's all changed, current cloud technology allows companies like Jewel Computer services to offer Exchange hosting options for businesses of all sizes.

This means even the small 1 to 10 person office can plug into the power of an email Exchange server, without needing to invest in the server equipment, the man-power to maintain the equipment or the full server license. Exchange hosting works much like web hosting, where the hosting associate bundles several customers on one web server. This way an associate IT hosting company can offer business clients of any size all the features of an Exchange service system without the high price tag that is associated with the incredible Exchange email features.

Cost Comparison

If you were to run your own Exchange server you would need to purchase the Exchange Server application licensing fee which runs somewhere around $699 and the licensing for the latest Windows Server application which runs around $1,000. Additionally, you would need server equipment, and temperature controlled office space to run the server in. All of this comes at too high a price for individuals who want to run just one mailbox account.

On the other hand, an Exchange hosting plan, offered by a reliable IT support associate company, is much more cost efficient. When you contract the service you get all of the features of a Microsoft Exchange server, but you're the computer services company you associate with handles the equipment, licensing, and equipment housing needs. In other words, you share a server with other customers; meaning your can pay as little as $80 to $90 a year. At that price a business can get about 1GB of mail storage and support for issues, mobile devices, backups and more.

What is Provided with Hosted Exchange Services

The most important advantage is that you get a high powered centralized e-mail server, much like what consumers have with Yahoo, or Gmail but for a business and with the business name extension. However, Exchange can also offer you so much more than this. It can offer your mail, specific email folders, but can also give you calendar, appointments, and contacts; it also syncs all of your devices so they all contain this information at the same time. Besides, an IT support hosting company will keep and store all of this information for you, and back it up to an off-site central location.

Is an Exchange Hosting Program Right for Me?

This is a hard question to answer, but if email is crucial to your business, and you need to have it automatically synced with all of your other devices (your phone, tablet, home PC, office PC and laptop), then hosted Exchange services offered by a reliable IT support company, can be very important. If you need to backup all of your email information and keep it easily available then this can be very important.