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We are Jewel City Computers, an IT support company based in Los Angeles, California, offering a wide range of computer services to individuals and small companies.

Jewel City Computers provides a quality IT support service that is both reliable and trustworthy. All of our staff is fully trained professionals in tech support, and we have over 6 years of experience offering IT support in the Los Angeles area. We can say with complete confidence that we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle every computer support problem you can imagine, from troubleshooting viruses to replacing broken cables.

We know that our customers have busy lives and businesses of their own to take care of, and that they need simple and painless computer support when things go wrong. At Jewel City Computers we appreciate that our customers rely on us to get things running smoothly and that they have other concerns to deal with in the meantime. This is why we strive to make our service as convenient and efficient as possible, and we always tailor our service to the needs of the customer. As part of this goal, our computer support service offers house calls. We want our customers to be confident that when a problem simply can’t be solved by one of our experts on the phone, our technicians will come to you, and handle all of your tech support issues on site and on time. This outstanding tech support is also available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, which means whenever and wherever in Los Angeles your IT support needs arise, there will be an expert ready and eager to help you.

We began offering our service at Jewel City Computers in Los Angeles as a way to offer support to our local community. We are aware that many small businesses and private individuals desperately need quality computer support in California, and we want to make sure the people in our area are receiving reliable and trustworthy IT support. Our team of expert technicians are fully trained and fully prepared to handle all of your needs.